About us

Shirinda Consulting focuses on Telecommunications, IT, and Security service delivery environment…

Our services include:

  • Site engineering and planning
  • Site preparation for the occupation
  • Microwave/Radio access network equipment installation, integration access, switching system
    installation and integration.
  • SDH & DWDM system installation, commissioning, and cut-over.
  • IP Router installation, commissioning, and cut-over.
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project management and team rental.
  • IT & Desktop Support
  • Security Installations and Automation

All our staff and consultants are qualified and competent to suit your business needs.With a
combined experience of more than 20 years in the Telecommunication field we have successfully
completedprojects locally and internationally.


To be the leading professional solutions firm, providing superior intellectual services.


Service without compromise.Intelligent leading from within. Creating a culture of empowerment,
honesty, integrity, and transparency.

Service Excellence

Our success is due to the deployment of the correct skills within an appropriate enviroment following
defined processes, executed and managed with accountability. This approach provides a framework for
developing timelines, efficient and effective resources allocation and defining goals and milestones that
keeps associated cost to a minimum and achieving the said deliverable.

Shirinda Consulting offers our customers the benefit to qualified employee with vast experience in the
field of Telecommunication, IT & Security Technologies Sector. Our project management and
engineering experience are skilfully applied to ensure the successful execution of projects. Combining
our planning, design and engineering expertise with implementation capabilities, we offer integrated
and turnkey solutions.